Central Heating Grants and Boiler Grants from the ECO Scheme

ECO Grants for Landlords
Does your tenant qualify for an Electric Storage Heater Grant or a Boiler Grant?

If your tenant receives State Benefits or Tax Credits they may qualify for a Grant to replace faulty storage heaters or boilers.

ECO Grants are also available for Free Cavity Wall Insulation and Free Loft Insulation if your rental property has none.

ECO GRANTS FOR LANDLORDS from the Affordable Warmth Scheme - Vaillant ecoTEC plus 937
ECO GRANTS FOR LANDLORDS from the Affordable Warmth Scheme - Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater LCD Control

ECO Grants for Landlords Qualifying Criteria

For your tenant to qualify for an Affordable Warmth Scheme Grant they must satisfy ALL THREE of the following conditions:

They live in a privately rented property. Different rules apply to council owned properties and housing association properties.
They receive State Benefits such as Guaranteed Pension Credit, Tax Credits, ESA, JSA, Income Support or Universal Credit.
There are faulty electric storage heaters or a faulty central heating boiler currently installed in the rental property.

ECO Grants for Landlords – What happens next?

If your tenant satisfies all three of these conditions please register your interest TODAY. Complete the form and we will call your tenant to determine whether they qualify.

If they satisfy Affordable Warmth Scheme criteria, we will arrange a home survey and help you to get replacement electric storage heaters or a replacement energy efficient boiler installed in your tenanted property. Your consent will be required before the installation can go ahead.

ECO Grants for Landlords – Will I have to make a contribution?

Changes to the Affordable Warmth Scheme which came into effect on 1st April 2017 now mean that in some cases a contribution is required towards the cost of installing electric storage heaters and central heating boilers.

Deemed Scores

A new system of ‘Deemed Scores’ has been introduced which saves the cost of an EPC for every application.

Properties are classified into groups according to the property type, size, number of bedrooms, level of insulation and heating system. The deemed score for your property will determine how much the grant will be and this will be compared to the cost of carrying out the work.

What happens if I don’t contribute?

If the cost of installing a replacement boiler or storage heaters is greater than the ECO Grant awarded, the installer can ask for a contribution. Naturally it would be between you and your tenant to decide whether or not to go ahead with the installation once you know whether a contribution is required.

If you decide not to make any contribution when one is required, the installation will not go ahead and it will not cost you anything to withdraw your application. 

ECO Grants for Landlords - Storage Heater Grants
ECO Grants for Landlords - Boiler Grants

The Affordable Warmth Scheme provides funding for free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation. You can apply on behalf of your tenant by completing the application form on this page.

In short, all of those which satisfy the qualifying criteria.

Each applicant and property is taken on its own merit and as long as Affordable Warmth Scheme qualifying criteria are satisfied in each case there is no limit to the number of properties you can claim an ECO Grant for.

ECO Grants for Landlords are available for the replacement of faulty Electric Storage Heaters, faulty Central Heating Boilers.

ECO Grants are also available for the installation of Free Cavity Wall Insulation and Free Loft Insulation if your rental property has none.

Affordable Warmth Scheme Grants are available for Gas Boilers, LPG Boilers and Oil Boilers.

Boilers rated C or below for energy efficiency

The first rule is that to qualify for a boiler grant, the existing boiler must have been rated at less than 86% efficient when it was manufactured AND it must have a fault.

A and B rated boilers

Affordable Warmth Scheme funding is also available to repair faulty boilers which were more than 86% efficient when initially installed but where the cost of repair is greater than the cost of replacement, a new boiler may be installed.

The Affordable Warmth Scheme was introduced to replace old, faulty, inefficient boilers in order to make homes more energy efficient and to reduce heating bills.

For the purposes of the Affordable Warmth Scheme, the tenant is the applicant but as landlord your consent would be required for a new boiler to be installed.

However, you can express an interest in the Affordable Warmth Scheme by completing the form on this page. You should seek consent from your tenants before passing on personal details.