Central Heating Grants and Boiler Grants from the ECO Scheme


FREE STORAGE HEATERS from the Affordable Warmth Scheme - Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater LCD Control
Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater LCD Control

Affordable Warmth Scheme funding is now available to replace faulty or inefficient electric panel heaters and electric storage heaters for householders who qualify.

If you live in your own home or a privately rented one AND you receive certain state benefits you may be entitled to a grant for free storage heaters.


We have helped thousands of householders with their ECO Grants

Storage Heater Grant Application Form

You must receive certain State Benefits to qualify for a Storage Heater Grant

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  • 1. Your Details:

  • We need your date of birth to check that you qualify for assistance under this scheme.

Will it cost me anything?

It will cost you nothing for the survey and application to discover whether you qualify for free storage heaters in your home.

However, the amount of your storage heater grant is based on a number of factors relating to your home and some applicants may be asked to contribute towards the cost of replacement storage heaters. If you are asked to make a contribution but you don’t want to, you can withdraw your application without it costing you anything. Alternatively you could consider using the newly reintroduced Green Deal to help you with any contribution.

Remember though, new storage heaters are up to 30% more energy efficient than older ones and you should save money on your future heating bills. Apply today, to see if you qualify for free storage heaters.


The rules for the installation of free storage heaters funded by the Affordable Warmth Scheme are very similar to those for boiler grants.

To qualify for a free storage heaters grant you will need to satisfy ALL THREE of the following conditions.

1. You need to live in your own home or a privately rented one. (Social housing or housing association property are subject to different rules).

2. You need to receive an income-related State Benefit or Tax Credit such as:

Guaranteed Pension Credit

Working Tax Credit *

Child Tax Credit *

Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance

Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance

Income Support or

Universal Credit *

Maximum household income threshold apply to those benefits marked *.

3. You need to have at least one electric storage heater installed in your home which is faulty or doesn’t work at all.

What you need to do right now is to complete the online Storage Heater Grant Application Form and we’ll call you back to process your application.

Private landlords: You can register your interest by completing the Form on the ECO Grants for Landlords Form


We will telephone you to confirm the information you have entered on the form and to fill in any gaps there may be.  We will talk you through the free storage heaters application process and answer any question you may have.


A qualified assessor will visit your home to carry out your free survey, check out your existing storage heaters and take copies of your state benefit award letters, together with proof of ownership or tenancy.


Once everything is agreed, your accredited installation company will arrange to fit your new storage heaters and you can wave goodbye to your old inefficient ones. For your peace of mind, all storage heaters installed under the Affordable Warmth Scheme will carry a guarantee.

Unfortunately not.

Funding from the Affordable Warmth Scheme comes from levies placed on everyone’s energy bills and to keep bills low, the Government has limited how much can be levied. This means that funding for storage heaters has been restricted, although some householders will still receive free storage heaters.

Deemed Scores

Free storage heaters grants are based on a system of Deemed Scores which save the cost of an EPC for every applicant’s home. Properties are grouped together according to their type, number of bedrooms, number of external walls, level of insulation, type of heating system and other factors. There are thousands of possible permutations but each one has been allocated a deemed score which should reflect results similar to those as if an EPC had been prepared. 

Do I have to make a contribution?

The storage heater grant applicable to an individual property is compared to the cost of replacing the storage heaters in it.  If your storage heater grant is sufficient, you will have your free storage heaters installed. If your storage heater grant is too low, you may be asked if you want to contribute towards the cost and informed how much it will be. This is entirely your choice.

If you choose not to contribute to the cost, you can cancel your storage heater grant application and it will not cost you anything. Remember though, new storage heaters can be up to 30% more energy efficient than older ones so you should save money on your future heating bills.

Free storage heaters grants are available to householders who receive income-related state benefits such as:

Guaranteed Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit *

Working Tax Credit *

Income Support

Income-related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)

Income-based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)

Universal Credit *

Maximum household income thresholds apply to those benefits marked * and they are shown in the table below.

The following benefits and allowances will NOT qualify you for assistance under the Affordable Warmth Scheme:

Pension Credit Savings Credit

Basic State Pension

Housing Benefit

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Child Benefit

Carer’s Allowance

Attendance Allowance

Contribution-Related ESA

Contribution Based-Job Seeker’s Allowance

FREE STORAGE HEATERS - Affordable Warmth Scheme Income Thresholds from 1st April 2017

Storage heaters usually contain heat-retaining clay bricks which store heat from cheap electricity during off-peak hours such as the night-time and release it into your home when you need it during the day. Because of this, electric storage heaters are sometimes referred to as night storage heaters.

Electric storage heaters are more expensive to run than gas central heating boilers and they tend to be used by householders whose homes are not on the gas grid and cannot receive natural gas.

Many electricity supply companies offer cheaper electricity in off-peak times such as the night-time when the demand for electricity is lower. For example, the Economy 7 tariff provides cheaper electricity during the seven hours from midnight to 7 am.

In addition to funding for free storage heaters, the Affordable Warmth Scheme provides funding for Boiler Grants for Mains Gas Boilers.

Affordable Warmth Scheme funding is no longer available for Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation but other Government schemes are available and you can apply on the relevant page of this website.

Officially the Affordable Warmth Scheme includes solid wall insulation, however funding is not always available.

Electric night storage heaters can be installed practically anywhere (as long as you have an electricity supply) and more homes are connected to mains electricity than mains gas

Electric storage heaters are very reliable and require little maintenance, partly because they have few moving parts.

Compared to other heating systems, electric storage heaters are relatively inexpensive to install because they don’t need any pipework or plumbing; you simply plug them in to your electricity supply.

Electric storage heaters aren’t as flexible in providing a heat source as other types of heating systems. They have to be charged with heat, normally overnight, before that heat can be distributed throughout your home.

Based on the unit cost of heat energy, electricity is more expensive than gas.

Electric storage heaters do exactly as their name suggests, they store heat energy and release it when you need it.

Types of modern efficient storage heater include:

  • Fan assisted storage heaters – These use cheap, overnight electricity to heat up a well-insulated thermal storage unit and instead of simply releasing that heat by convection, fan assisted storage heaters employ a very quiet fan to take in cool air from your home, heat it up and discharge the hot air through a vent. This hot air fan can be controlled with a thermostat and timer.
  • Combination convector electric storage heaters – As the name suggests, combination convector storage heaters combine a standard storage heater and an electric convector heater within the same unit.

Dimplex Storage Heaters

Storage heaters manufactured by Dimplex™ are available under the Affordable Warmth Free Storage Heaters scheme. These storage heaters are the very latest, energy efficient, high heat retention versions.

The Dimplex™ Quantum storage heater range is fitted with an iQ controller to enable you to pre-set your heating requirements, just like central heating. You can also adjust the heat level manually using the built-in LCD display and rotary knob.

Dimplex™ electric night storage heaters are very energy efficient and are more attractive than traditional old type storage heaters. They are also often smaller than your existing storage heaters for the same heat output.

If your storage heater grant is approved, the make of storage heater which provides the most optimal heating solution for your home will be installed. You may not always be able to choose Dimplex™ electric night storage heaters but you can rest assured that your home will be warmer and more energy efficient…..saving you money on your future electricity bills.

The following videos explain how modern, energy efficient electric storage heaters work

Applications are invited for FREE STORAGE HEATERS

funded by Affordable Warmth Scheme Grants.

Homeowners and private tenants who receive
certain State Benefits or Tax Credits may qualify.
FREE STORAGE HEATERS from the Affordable Warmth Scheme - Dimplex Quantum Heater Controls
Dimplex Storage Heaters - FREE STORAGE HEATERS available from the Affordable Warmth Scheme