Central Heating Grants and Boiler Grants from the ECO Scheme

LPG Boiler Grants are now available from the

Government’s Affordable Warmth Scheme

You must satisfy all three of the following conditions to qualify:


You live in your own home or it’s privately rented


You receive income-based state benefits


Your existing LPG boiler is faulty or inefficient

Apply for YOUR LPG BOILER GRANT today and stay warm this winter

The following state benefits form part of the qualifying criteria for LPG boiler grants:

  • Guaranteed Pension Credit, (Savings Credit does not count on its own)
  • Child Tax Credit (Maximum household income thresholds apply)
  • Working Tax Credit (Maximum household income thresholds apply)
  • Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit (Maximum household income thresholds apply)

A full list of qualifying criteria for LPG BOILER GRANTS can be found HERE.

Worcester Greenstar 30si erP Compact Combi LPG Boiler are available with Affordable Warmth Scheme LPG Boiler Grants
Worcester Greenstar 30si erP Compact Combi LPG Boiler

What is the Affordable Warmth Scheme?

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is a Government initiative designed to help vulnerable householders reduce their heating bills. This is achieved by replacing old, faulty and inefficient boilers and storage heaters with new ones which will use less energy.

LPG Boiler Grants are offered by the Affordable Warmth Scheme as part of the Government’s fight against fuel poverty. It also aims to reduce carbon emissions and help limit the effects of climate change. 

Do LPG boiler grants cover the full cost of a new boiler?

Not necessarily. The amount of LPG boiler grants is determined by a new system of deemed scores. This means that LPG boiler grants are based on the type of property you live in, how many bedrooms it has, the level of insulation and many other factors.

If your LPG boiler grant is insufficient to cover the full cost of installing a new LPG boiler in your home, you may be asked to make a contribution. If you do not want to contribute towards the cost, you can withdraw your application and it will not cost you a penny.

Remember though, a new energy efficient LPG boiler will need less LPG to keep your house warm so you will save money on your future heating bills. 

LPG Boiler Grants are available NOW with the Affordable Warmth Scheme